Change Java Class At Runtime [on hold]

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I've recently read something about rules for developing more secure Java code. There are guidelines about securing Java code. Something like using final, limiting access to anything and etc.

My question is, how can someone access to my code in run-time, after compiling and deploy it on server and change my methods (or Classes)?

And if it is possible, how can it be done?

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Read about classloaders and bytecode manipulation.
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Reflection can also circumvent certain restrictions, even if bytecode of the target class is not tampered with. In general, untrusted code (including bytecode) should not run in the same process as trusted sensitive code.
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@rkosegi I meant how can he get my source code when it's deployed and then change a class or two, or add another class to it?
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@Hamid : what source code? to manipulate your class no source is needed. Did you read about bytecode manipulation?

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