Is there a security risk when using “break” in C #?

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When I was studying, I was advised not to use jump statements in my code, due to security reasons. But I'm talking about near-machine languages. Should I avoid "break" inside a loop, for example?

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"due to security reasons" is incredibly vague - were you given any more details? If so, you can apply those details to break. If not, you should ask for a more concrete explanation.
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C# is considered a safe language. With safe one means that the runtime checks types, whether the program counter is still at valid code,... So that means you should be able to use all statements safely. Of course that does not mean that a hacker cannot exploit bugs in your code.
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@JonSkeet I mean if a break (for example) can be exploitable just for using it.
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"not to use jump statements in my code, due to security reasons." That's utter nonsense. Either you misunderstood what was said, or whoever said it is an imbecile.
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Again, that's not really a concrete description of a vulnerability...

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