Does post_save hook runs immediately after creating model in Django?

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I have post_save method which needs pk.

def create_key(instance=None, sender=None, created=False, **kwargs):
    if created:
      last_index =
      instance.private_key = cipher(last_index).encrypt(instance.private_key)

Before calling it I assign self.private_key not encrypted private_key.

Question: Can attacker get not encrypted private_key from DB in time period between save method and post_save?

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Why are you not doing this in pre_save?
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@OzgurVatansever I corrected it, I need
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My guess is yes, but you could probably test this by putting a break point in your post_save function and manually query your db. Though, it might be safer to allow the field to be blank or null instead and update it after you save.
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@KeiferSebastian yeah, I will try it. Tricky moment: I need private_key for post_save. I mean: while creating i generate private_key and should send it to post_save
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If you can lock the table and are using an auto incrementing pk you could find out the next pk before saving.

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