Key Security - How to ensure that keys are secure?

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Assuming that there is a Key Encryption Key that is in memory and not written to file or database...

byte[] kek = new byte[32];
byte[] kekHash = SHA512.hash(kek);

And assuming that the Key Encryption Keys are ephemeral, and the Data Encryption Keys may or may not be ephemeral.

How do you protect kek?

How do you ensure that kek is never written to virtual memory?

How do you ensure that the kek is not read by another application (for example CheatEngine)?

How do you ensure that the kek is generated by the application and the kek and kekHash are not manipulated by another application to make it use the key of an adversary?

I have heard of "software HSM". What techniques do they use that is so mindblowing that makes the keys that they store secure?

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