What kind of information do files save and how to remove it using C#

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I'm trying to figure out what information/metadata do files hold that could be a security risk? I have been looking around but couldn't find a simple answer, I'm worried that it may completely differ between file types.

In any case is there any general information that every file keeps (like creation date) that can be tracked or used against someone, and if there is, what method would be the easiest to clear this information from a file (using C#).

Or if I'm looking at the wrong place for help, could someone point me in the right direction please?

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I suppose you're looking for "exif data".
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@gbjbaanb I guess something like that but isn't exif data only in image files? Or was I right in thinking that I'll need to check every file type in different ways then?
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Yes, exif data is added to image files, but you can start from there to see how it is added and stored, and apply your new knowledge to all other types of metadata, that will work in the same way.
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@gbjbaanb Thanks, I guess I have no better plan so far, I'll do that

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