What are preventive steps to stay safe from cyber-attack like wannacry or other? [on hold]

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Provide some proper guidelines users can use to stay safe and protect their important data.

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Store the data on a closed system without a network connection. Very secure.


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Some common steps you can try, 1. Keep your computers updated 2. Create an internal policy 3. Regular important data and files backup 4. Safe web browsing and strict external data policy 5. Awareness, education and knowledge sharing about information and data security 6. Create strong passwords and change them frequently 7. Use antivirus and security tools/security softwares and keep updated those frequently. For more detailed explanation use following link, I shared post on it.. http://codechef4u.com/post/2017/05/16/preventive-guidelines-from-wannacry-ransomware-or-any-other-cyber-attack

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