WSS connection to STUNNEL does not work

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I want to connect secure websocket from (my windows laptop) to stunnel (running on a linux box on port 7379 and receive some notifications on the websocket.

# cat stunnel.conf
output = /logs/output.log

accept  = 7379
connect = 7580

debug = 7
cert = /configs/server.crt
key = /configs/private_key.key
##only support high strength ciphers
ciphers= AES256
TIMEOUTclose = 0

while accessing the link below.

I got the following error.

The connection to wss://[%7B%22topics%22:[%22com/nokia/smarthome/ndm/ALL%22]%7D] was interrupted while the page was loading.

Stunnel log file shows that the server has closed the connection.

I ran wireshark on my laptop and sniffed the packets. It just shows that TCP connection got closed as FIN packet was generated from the client.

Can you please let me know how to solve the above issue?

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