Get-Credential for IIS FTP User with Virtual Host Name Prefix?

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Our third-party IIS team provides IIS FTP usernames with a virtual host name prefix. For example: "|Username" (note the pipe separator).

Running PowerShell Get-Credential command:

Get-Credential | Export-Clixml {FILEPATH} 

and then providing "User name" = "|Username" into the pop-up window provides this tooltip error:

User Name 

I can manually generate secure strings and import/export, but I'd like to have a simple out-of-the-box way to store this credential.

Some background:


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One workaround which doesn't use Get-Credential:

(New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential `
            -ArgumentList (Read-Host "Please enter the user name"), `
            (Read-Host -assecurestring "Please enter the password")) | 
Export-CliXml "FILEPATH"

Verifying the password:

(New-Object PSCredential "dummyuserignore", `
(Import-CliXml "FILEPATH").Password).GetNetworkCredential().Password

Still hopeful for a simpler solution using Get-Credential, but not losing sleep over it.

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