How to store sensitive data into java code for android development

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I am willing to use java email api for my android app. I got it from this link. But as mentioned here in the link, to use this api, I need to give my own email id and password in GmailSender as Plain Text. For this reason I am tensed about my password. If anyone decompile the apk file then he can easily get my email id and password. But I don't know how to store these sensitive data into my code safely. How can I do this?

Note: I am not willing to use any third party library to encrypt thses data

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Why can't you use an SMTP server and send emails from an anonymous account?

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It is nearly impossible to completely protect your app from reversal engineering, especially without any third party library.

BUT instead you can create another e-mail, with a different password, and configure it to resend any email received to your official e-mail.

This way if anyone actually manage to reverse the code and get the password, they will only have access to this secondary and unimportant e-mail account. This should solve the problem.

More info about actually protecting the code here:

How to avoid reverse engineering of an APK file?

How to make apk Secure. Protecting from Decompile

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Your idea is not bad. But I I have to use any library for protecting these data, then which is best and can you give me an example with that?
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I edited the reply with a link that might help
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But none of them have any perfect answer. Everybody is suggesting. Nobody is answering
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I wish i could help you more, But the thing is, it seems that this subject is not trivial. Truly protecting an app requires a lot of deep understanding of the matter, which i do not own.
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You should obfuscate your password string before keeping it in your source code. You can:

  • Do it manually, It can be take a time.
  • Or use some automatic tools. If you don't want to use any third party library to encrypt these data, Bg+ Anti Decompiler/Obfuscator is a good choice for you. It works on java source code (not Java byte-code) so you will control everything
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