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If i was to build a "Hacker proof" site what would be my weapons of choice? I guess wordpress is out of the question. ;)

I am fully aware that it is no such thing as hacker proof but lets say i wanted to delay for as long as possible.

Maybe you can give me some pointers on how to proceed with that and some do麓s and dont麓s.

Thank you.

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"The best defense is a good offense". I mean, to improve the security of your site, first you need to understand what are the most common attacks. I suggest you to start with code injection and XSS, you can find many topics here in stackoverflow.
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also depends what you need to protect, what people can do on the site. more details would be needed.
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Lets say i build it with WP. Would it be sufficient to change table prefix? To something like 143h135h5532j5j_ instead of: wp_ for ex. If i build with WP would would be other things to think about?


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The question is very broad, but some essentials:

  • Prevent SQL Injection by using prepared statements.
  • Validate input / Output to prevent XSS
  • CSRF protection for form data
  • HTTPS for secure login pages
  • Secure permissions for web processes / folders on your server
  • Up to date software on server
  • Backups to remote server
  • Fail2Ban to prevent brute forcing
  • Montior access / error logs from apache/nginx
  • Monit for resource montioring
  • Encrypt passwords using a secure hashing algorithm that can't be brute forced
  • Two Factor authentication

Those are the ones off the top of my head.

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Yes i know it is a very broad question. Those are great pointers. Thanx! Do you have example of some sort of CMS that could be used?
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Honestly I would just use WordPress. Yes, every now and then a security issue pops up,but if you keep it up to date you shouldn't have many problems.
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That´s what i really would like to use. I have looked at secure CMS´s and the cost for it is astronomic.
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