Intercept docker container https requests traffic with mitmproxy

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How can I configure docker with mitmproxy? I have found this post, but being beginner in docker and mitmproxy it is difficult to understand it. I know that the mitmporxy doc. contains tutorial, to transparently proxify VM, but how to do it with docker container? Links that I have found, but have no idea if they are any help for me: link1, link2

I have installed the mitmproxy on my machine(in the post I referred to the mitmproxy was run in docker container). (Background: I want to use mitmproxy with Integration tests in Magento devbox that is docker container. I want to run mitmproxy example to stream docker container responses. ) Sorry, I know the question is quite broad, but I do not know any place else, where I can get some help.

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