Access SSRS 2016 ReportViewer (URL Access) Securely without Username/Pwd Prompt

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I've searched the better part of 2 days for an answer (here and elsewhere on the net) and I am thoroughly stumped.

In brief- I have an app with an IFrame that I want to have render certain reports using the Report Server ReportViewer (URL Access).

Everything works as I expected, with the not-so-subtle exception of the fact that upon the first request to the Report Server via URL access, I get an annoying prompt asking for username and password*. Subsequent requests work just fine- no prompts, fluid, clean, SSRS as I expect it to behave**.

From what I can gather, I essentially need to make my application send all Requests in an "authenticated" manner that the Report Server understands and thereby things can bypass this security prompt. I tried setting up Custom Forms authentication in both my app and the Report Server to no avail (followed a guide for 2012, maybe why no luck there).

Is there some SSRS/Security expert or someone more experienced than me out there who can tell me (or even suggest an idea) how to get my URL access to work from my web app client without the darn security prompt/popup on 1st Request?

I simply want to send authenticated username/password (or just an auth'd Request) to Report Server and not have this prompt pop up. My users cannot have the Report Server credentials. I thought this would be a relatively straightforward programmatic task. I've tried ASP.NET impersonation, authenticated cookies, and some other approaches.

Nothing is working. Can any awesome soul out there lend a brainwave?

Thanks to all who read, answer, or even simply suggest an idea. I greatly appreciate the knowledge share.


*this happens both when viewing the app directly on the Web/Report Server (same machine and OS) as well as when viewing the app remotely.

**as with so many fun things in software development, everything worked 100% a-OK on my local report server- both in VS as well as after I deployed my app- that is.. deployed it.. 'locally'. :/

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