IBM Identity Mixer configuration Error

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We followed the steps from the documentation on Github:

However, we have encountered problems during the configuration steps. To be more specific, we completed these steps:

  1. We chose two services and we gave the name IBM-Identity Mixer - issuer and IBM-Identity Mixer - verifier.
  2. We changed the manifest.yml file so the instances being 2.
  3. We used the following commands to successfully upload the app:

    cf api
    cf login
    cf push -f ./manifest.yml

  4. We bound the application with the services and the application is running.

However, we are stuck at the Issuer service configuration because when we click the Issuer option we get the following message:
IDMXSSP0002E : Somebody is already finished with setup
At the Verifier service configuration when we click the verifier, we get a different error.

How can we deal with it?

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