Use openssl tools for testing difrent kind of errors

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I have some platform library (Windows/Linux/OS X/Android/iOS). On each platform network functionality is implemented using different API. This different implementation are hidden behind some common C++ interface.

Now using gtest I have set of test checking that each implementation behaves in same way. Currently I have some local lab to test some errors. For example to test client identity that is handled proeprly for valid identity or revoked, expired, invalid and so pm. I have different client certificates which are used on my server.


Problem is that this server is visible only in my local network. I wrote some python script which stars on local machine simple servers (to test that cipher suites, protocol version are properly configured). This is great since test can be run anywhere. I want to correct client identity certificate test to use same approach (start openssl server with proper parameters to achieve desired errors).

Problem is that I have no idea how to start openssl command line tool to cover all possible errors related with this functionality.

For example how to provide a server which will be able to report revoked client identity.

I need cover this cases:

  • bad identity
  • unsupported identity
  • unknown CA

other cases should not be a problem

  • proper identity
  • missing identity
  • expired identity
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I'm not sure this is a good question for Stack Overflow. Asking how to run openssl from the command line is more suited for Super User or Unix & Linux Stack Exchange. Others seems to feel its better to ask on Serverfault (I would personally not recommend). It may accumulate downvotes.

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