Settings to block file:// urls to request resources from https:// urls in browsers

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I am building an app which wraps some content in html. The users will be able to download this html file and view the content (which changes dynamically based on time and a few details fetched from our servers.

I would like to know if there is any settings on browsers that can block https:// requests from file:// urls?

It works by default, I am just concerned if there is any way users can do this. (browser settings, security zones or something like that)

I believe there is no code samples required for this.

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I can't follow the 2nd paragraph from the 1st paragraph. Why do you need to block HTTPS requests? Do your users suppose to download the HTML files?
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My guess is that the Asker doesn't need to, but is concerned about some setting that would prevent his app from working correctly, so he's asking pre-emptively.
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@Benjamin. Thats right. I am concerned if there is a way users can prevent file:/// urls to request resources from https:// urls


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