MITM and HTTPS-Cert on Linux

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I'm curretly trying to perform a MITM-Attack on my own Network. Since I don't want the user to notice, i'd like to download the google HTTPS cert and fake it with my linux machine. Does anybody know a program to do this? On Windows there is a program called cain & abel, where you can upload different HTTPS certificates during a MITM-attack.

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Why don't you use your existing solution if that works?
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Apart from that you most likely will not get an answer, since even if that is your own network the action is still considered illegal for good reasons in most parts of the world, since you spy on other users.
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Because cain & abel is only available on Windows and I'm mostly working with Linux.
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Take a look at the charles development proxy tool.
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Thank you for your answer. This is not exactly, what I'm looking for, but I found a method, called SSL hijacking.

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